Crime in the City

Welcome to South Africa 2010 a time when cops are allowed to shoot to kill random people. It’s getting worse because some police men are on ego trips and are letting other influences of their lives inflict on their jobs. So today if you were to be shoot by a cop today and weren’t to court and they testify it was done on self defense you will loose the case. This new system is basically allowing people get away with murder in the name of the law.
Situation: Last week a cop was arresting a foreigner selling food illegally on the streets. The guy was resisting arrest until he had to eventually bribe the cops with some money. This happened the same day when 3rd degree on T.V was debating The “Shoot to kill” Topic on some guys whom were randomly shoot at a party but then cop simply said they were a threat and denied using real bullets and got away with it. So can justice be really achieved by this new system? Of course not the same things that were happening are still happening in Pretoria. I mean Ganja seller threaten to be arrested or pays, the same guys who were selling drugs 4 Years I still see them slanging “Nywupe” Heroin residues, I can show you where you can buy licenses, State some media criminals or politicians whom cant get arrested like Julius Malema, Jackie Selebi and much more believe me.
I mean I live in Pretoria where all things are registered at the Dti so imagine the possibilities of fraud and corruption taking place with shady tenders and BEE deals. This way the richer get richer spending money on lawyers and media to mislead people to believe in certain things. So from where ever you are you might think I’m just talking shit but come for a visit and get your fair share of the South African wealth I mean the constitution is very young and you can open a NGO and fund yourself. Anyway the story continues….so send me your comments on what you think on the matter?

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