South African Politics is a “Big joke”

When living in a so called “Third world country” but we one of the richest country in the world with minerals but have the lowest education levels. Our leaders are concerned with their own wealth while they lie to the people via the struggle whilst themselves. If you have been following the news lately you might have noticed that the ANC is a cohort of foe’s smiling in the camera.

The same thing that happens in “Animal Farm” the novel is happening with black people in South Africa.
This Country benefits foreign investors than it residents thus can buy material and resell to us at a higher price. The Budget Speech given by our new Minister of Finance this Year in February was ambiguous to the sarcasm of the recession period we are facing. The funny thing that these people are not affected by recession because their getting their salaries while the GDP is on a negative already because of the spending of the 2010 spending which will never be retrieved and the temporally jobs that with be refined.
President Zuma went to England the “Queen” of England to get a medal of Bullshit. I think they forgot what Oliver Tambo stood for when the ripping their own people with tenders to empower themselves. Look around do you think we free? Our laws are still based on the same constitution of the apartheid era from the CM5 forms to BEE deals with white people. I was watching the documentary called “Behind the rainbow” by Jiahan EI-Tahri about the ANC I was disappointed on how media can be abused to mislead people. Nelson Mandela the “so called” hero whom dealt with white people still in prison to use the same constitution and his “RDP” business plan to the JSE to ask for Funding. It didn’t help much if you still look at the conditions most black people are in. “Unemployment because of a lack of skill”. Meaning education still had to be paid for and a Ghetto education is basic and even thereafter more 60% of people can’t afford tertiary education.

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2 comments on “South African Politics is a “Big joke”

  1. I agree with you there dear friend. I am quiet a political analyst and I must say that the leaders of thus country ridicule our democracy with their stinge for empowering themselves forgetting the very people that put in to power. President Zuma must have survived a heroic thrown after the cluster of cases held against him but he fits for a clown more then the suit of coverage he is getting from some members of the public/media whose definition of democracy is`nt much the same as his moral less stand point.

  2. hey guys i just want to let you as the public know that you could all keep your eye on the ball.Here we look at how we could be better at being ourselves-like doing what you can by raising the stakes through volunteering totrain others,even if that means your neighbour need direction in DIY.

    Obviously you know something i dont.I know that europe is in dissarray right now.Imagine:about half a country’s political decision makers die accidently in a plane crash.what to do.this is what poland is going through today.

    Check:Italy cannot afford its lifestyle today-they may find it troublesome to eat pasta next year.forget greece,lets just wish them well.

    If those appearing-to-be-big-countries ask to get help by harbouring their currency or some of their investments here-would you be ready to cash in?im not talking about theft in any talking about mental innovation so robust that it becomes undeniable.
    who and how are you networking with?

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