Fashion and life style

Black Sunday.
Well the black Sunday sessions are blooming up but after this Sundays beef between the owner of the venue and the black hand team rumor says the sessions will me moving to DA joint back to the same spot where the Sunday sessions started, I haven’t been at house 22 in a while but I don’t think that they are still having as much busy nights on Sundays as before when the Sunday session was still at house 22.
However I don’t think the house 22 owners are going to like the business challenge they will be facing since the Sunday sessions will be back in da hood.

Fashion news.
As the style in Pretoria goes crazy young individuals are also showing a strong commitment to entrepreneurship.
The new HHH shop in Sunnyside Pretoria has brought some more color and hip hop style in the streets of Sunnyside with a variety of T-Shirt designs, snickers and pants, if you like the style and keeping it to the game step in and try out something new.

Visit the HHH shop in Eseleen Street across the fish and chips close to the DTI.

If you are into custom clothing I suggest you check out this guy his name is Greg and he has the style and knows how to give it to you.
I have organized and attended few Fashion shows with Greg, advertising his unique style around Gauteng. He is one of the may people I feel they need more exposure and upgrade the the Fashion style in the city because of his unique design of funky clothing and also extending to creation of beautiful African attire , Greg Shows a field of versatility and hard work.

Visit His design studio in Pretoria Wonderboom.or contact Greg on 072 749 1616


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