Promoting young blood.

Since th underground 411 is all about promoting artists this featured artist in the first issue of the underground 411  is an enthusiastic young man called P with his upcoming album the rainbow prince he is ready to rock the streets of Mzanzi. look out for more info on performances and bookings

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2 comments on “Promoting young blood.

  1. we want all to know that if you dont let us know what you are about we cant do a thing for you at brave and face the challenges,be sure to ask and take some help along the way-no trying,no gaining.

    tell us do tell us what your song would sound like had you gotten a chance to break through with a great song for your country’s worldcup gig.with or without acknowledgement,if you were to get a nod for a massive sound,what would it sound like?we want to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we want to hear and play it!!!!!!!!!!

    contact us anyhow you can on this magazine.

    dont be late,your people need you!!!!!!!!!

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