Well people are wondering and asking “wats up” with the magazine was it ever launched , how come we’ve never seen it?

The answers to all your questions is here : The magazine was launched and is being made available only on CD, however when the second issue is made available for sale we will give you a free copy of the first issue as an installation download. The magazine is available in selected stores only in Pretoria like Suncrest pharmacy in Sunnyside Pretoria Eseleen str.

We are looking forward to having an official Lauch at Europa Groove Lounge in Sunnyside Pretoria during the world cup, so stay updated on the date right here on this blog. We would love for you to interact with us and we can include your articles, poems, events or interviews whether audio recorded,text or videos to be featured in the next issue of the Underground411 anonimously or not. email your info to : theunderground411@yahoo.com

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