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Lets take a look at The underground 411 digital magazine first issue v1.0, since this was our first issue we haven’t had much sells of it so we decided to make it a free download, which will be availble soon online. As the underground 411 team we felt its necessary to let the people feel this new form of media in South Africa for free so they know what to expect for the second issue which is set to be realesed on 15th July 2010.

The magazine has 9 capivating segments designed to catch the attention of a vast audience, from fashion to business the underground 411 touches a bit of everyone’s in one magazine. The magazines’ main menu links to the whole magazine, the 9 segments of the magazine and there’s also an index page on which includes the main stories in the magazine.

The main features of the first issue was the Jay-Z article including an exclusive documentary which is mainly focused on Jay-Z and his association with the freemason secret society a new world order movement. The magazine also includes a 4 life segment which is packed with all the treats for all the women out there, 4 life is a cosmopolitan segment which talks about  our everyday life;  eating, relationships and horoscopes . See our 4 life Quiz: Are you lazy, active or a workaholic.

The edutainment segment gives you an insight on careers and busaries featuring  film directing, chemical engineering and how to be a chef. The edutainment segment main goal is to provide students with adequate information on the selected careers in every issue.

The underground 411 v1.0 the first issue of the digital magazine is set to run  smoothly on your computer with these minimum system requirements:  Windows XP or later version like Windows vista and Windows 7, and a Recomended at least 512mb RAM and Pentium 3 or 4. Keep checking the blog for new updates and information.

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