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Wasup! All underground lovers, I would like to announce that I am now officially the underground 411 digital magazine online and senior editor I’m Blaze and I’m going to be keeping things up to date from now on. Compiling the second issue for you has been a great experience but I think it’s crazy to talk about the second issue if you haven’t seen the first issue right? Well we are still trying to make the first issue a free download for you to experience the feel of the magazine on your computer.
Since the Magazine is still fresh there is still plenty of space for us as Lonely Stoner Studios, would like to add more flavor to the upcoming issues of The underground 411 and is looking forward to your association with us feel free to contact us via e-mail if you are a registered business or any form of artist.
I’m looking forward to make the second issue available to the public; it is packed with lots of new revolutionary and educative content, see the featured reviews of some of the top stories during this world cup period and more. The magazine now comes with a new and improved drag able music player so you won’t have any hustles during navigation of the magazine.
Download the first issue when available and experience the versatile Powerplylist , the Powerplylist is a music mix used in the music player of the underground 411 digital magazine. We would like to make the use of our magazine as easy as possible for you that is why we are giving the first issue for free to see the improvement when you get a chance to purchase the second issue . I urge South Africa to be ready for the new form of the magazine industry and keep visiting the blog for updates on the issue date of the second magazine.

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