Warming the globe

With the weather rising every year and the production of more fuel eating machines which breathe out poisonous fumes to the earth. The pace of the world warming up is on the highest speed. But how can we implement innovative
thinking to help save the world? Can we really shut down all oil companies? .With latest technologies of using other ways for powering vehicles why governments around the world not leading by example, I mean if we could have our normal community busses running on water without any fumes that will be a first major step to solving the solution. Is it because this new system is expensive? I feel like it抯 a matter of money talking, if 1 oil company generates way more than R2.5 billion a year of which the Government is getting a fair share of via its TAX how will it benefit from replacing the industry with millions gallons of water. I think by taking out the fuel system in motor cars will eliminate the biggest fraction of things producing the fumes that kill our earth, but is it possible?

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