One great artist


Tel: +27 12 8048582

Cel: 082 4162820

email: ——————————————————————————– Saying the things of our time in a personal language. My art engages the whole of my being: not just the intellect, but also the emotional, psychological and spiritual. It is important to get beyond mere painting: my painting is intuitive, involving the subconscious. A multiplicity of perspectives has given me a choice as to who I am. Spirituality allows us the possibility of transcending boundaries. The drama of disorderliness is juxtaposed with the orderedness in which I use text and symbols. The fragile and ephemeral qualities stimulate our vigilant attention; they incite us to love their uncertainty. My aim is a kind of art that makes sense out of life with visual sophistication and intellectual integrity. Gretchen Parrock is Pretoria born and bred. After matriculation she studied and worked in architecture for seventeen years. While staying at home with small children, she started painting and studying art, which culminated in an Advanced Diploma in Fine Art from the Wits School of the Arts in 2004.

Here are some of her art pieces :

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