Canadian Tenors sing in Pretoria on 22 August

In September 2009 the Bulembu Foundation presented the inaugural Voices for Bulembu (VFB) Campaign, a benefit concert in Vancouver, Canada featuring The Canadian Tenors, who have performed with Celine Dion on the Oprah Winfrew Show. Over 1 000 people attended one of the three weekend events, which together raised nearly R7-million for the transformational work taking place in the town of Bulembu, Swaziland.

Voices for Bulembu Pretoria will be launched in partnership with TUKS Missions and FTLT (Focus Team Leadership Training), with all proceeds going towards funding Swazi1000 work-projects. Over the last two years, nearly 600 Swazi1000 students have given their Summer holiday to volunteer in Bulembu painting over 420 homes; building 12 orphan homes; erecting a 1.6Km dairy fence; and involvement in many other projects.

December 2010 will see the next group of Swazi1000 volunteers partnering with Bulembu Ministries, TUKS Missions and FTLT in order to make a difference in the lives of the Swazi people and further the process of Bulembu becoming a self-sustaining community.

As Bulembu’s marquee public event has now gone global, Voices for Bulembu is a opportunity to partner with one of the most exciting emerging charities and transformational event which will host hundreds of students building dozens of orphan homes.

The Voices for Bulembu concert will take place at Choose Life Church, Moreleta, East Pretoria. Tickets are available through

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