In this blog, i will be talking about social networks and the effects they have on the users. Mxit is one of the most famous social networks in South Africa with over 1.8 million users, “mixit” holds the attention of thousands of teenagers and other age groups across the world arguably is shares the platform with facebook, twitter and others.

Most social sites are designed with a rule system that makes it safer for users if followed fully, these rules are designed to work in a perfect world but the world that we live is fraudulent. so the question is how can we develop a social network that people can’t lie about their Identity, “is it even posible to imagine such a network”, Anyway it is up to you as the user to be responsible for your actions and in the past few years that mxit has been on the pick up in South Africa over 50 mxit rape cases have been reported this shows how much other users turn out to be victims of crime.


see next blog for the part 2 of this article

By theunderground411 Posted in Articles

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