iPod is Finaly here “Nano and Touch range”

It’s music to our ears, ’cos they’re finally here!

The brand-new Apple iPod range is in SA!

The underground 411 was at Apple’s iStore in Sandton for the iPod launch yesterday! Wowza! Forget the doughnuts, delish cupcakes, cocktails and pretty people, we were there for one thing only – the new Shuffle, Nano and Touch range! And once again, the fruit-logoed brand has outdone itself!

The styling of each new model is fresh and funky (how amazing is the little Nano? The screen is, like, the whole thing!), and we love how responsive the touchscreens are! Also, the Touch has the same über-hi-resolution screen as the new iPhone 4, so it looks beyond gorgeous! And trust Apple to think of everything… they’ve even got build-in clips on the Nano and Shuffle so that you can “wear” them while you’re gymming!

Keep your eyes peeled for reviews of the new iPod range in the coming weeks! ’Til then, here are some pictures

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