Dance Your Butt off

The Black majority station SABC 1 proved on Tuesday night how poor they have become over the years and how bad the production team is, besides the fact of choosing poor quality programs such as the new JIKA MA JIKA. The new dance production Dance your butt off is yet another low quality production which has replaced the previous business challenge Rize Mzanzi. Dance your but off was a disaster on the first day of screening, however the production team insisted on playing the dance show again and again until they had to re screen it later Tuesday night.

We all blame it on technical problems but for sho someone had to be responsible for such a Disaster, anyway the overall production is not up to standard and can sure do with some creativity. We expect to see better productions and feel SABC 1 is responsible for the good production of television programming.

This morning at the beginning of the repetition of So you think you can dance, SABC 1 proved once again that the production team is not so technical after all by Showing “So you think you are Funny” just before the screening of the Dance show…? So again who is to blame guys?

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