South Africa’s Top Model Search

South Africa’s Top Model Search is a brand new reality show which will take South Africa by storm. A reality show like no other ever done, anywhere in the world. The 30 contestants (which will be chosen in the 10 week road show) to move into the mansion (located in Gauteng) will go have to endure a gruelling 13 weeks; with contestants being voted off every week. Contestants will receive training from some of the best celebrities, models, fashion designers and pageant queens in the South African modelling industry.

There is an intensive travelling itinerary through South Africa, New York and Milan, Italy.

The contestants need to be between the ages of eighteen (18) to thirty-five (35); the competition is open for all races, males and females with NO HEIGHT or SIZE RESTRICTIONS.

There is also a SMS line for the public to vote for their favourite contestant during the course of the show. The more you vote, the more you improve your chances of winning a Peugeot 107 worth R 110 000-00.

Radio and TV advertising campaign starts middle October 2010
The show will be broadcasted on SABC3 from the 19 February 2011.

The competition is open to the public between the ages of 18 to 35 males, female, race, etc. There are no HEIGHT restrictions for the competition.

There is also R10 000 up for grabs if you register before 31 October 2011 even though registrations only closes the 31 December 2010.
Please make sure you register before the road show comes to your city.


First Prize:
R500 000 in cash Proudly sponsored by SATM Management;

Peugeot 207 worth R162 000.00
With its attractive exterior, invigorating personality and technical advancement who can resist this vehicles power of seduction which makes this the perfect vehicle for our winner;

An eight page editorial fashion shoot With the international magazine, CLEO Magazine.

Second Prize:
R180 000 in cash Proudly sponsored by SATM Management;

An four page editorial fashion shoot With the international magazine, CLEO Magazine,

Third prize:
R70 000 in cash Proudly sponsored by SATM Management;

A weekend away for you and your partner

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6 comments on “South Africa’s Top Model Search

  1. Hi

    I have been trying to register since last night
    but they ask me for a pass word and name
    is there no way that i can register as a first time applicant i would realy like to apply for this?

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