New Chill out Spot

Well just when I thought Pretoria central was getting all clouded by the tertiary scene, however this new place launched recently this month on sat the 6th. This place is definitely not your usual PTA central taste with its location being just behind the DTI the spot has never been so perfect to chill out and have some real mature fun.

Mushroom Loungeatery had its official launch in style featuring some of the hottest DJ’s on the PTA scene in the moment such as DJ Vinny Da Vinci, Tim White, Bubbles, Deep Xpressions and more, during the day this place is a nice to chill place diring your lanch brake to take out a friend and enjoy some refreshments and food, as the night falls in it becomes  just the right spot to chill and enjoy a few drinks, come through during Thursday and Friday nights and you might be lucky enough  to catch some interesting DJ’s in the house this is a new cool place to chill and just lounge. This is a must see, you can join these guys face book group @ Mushroom Loungeatery  

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