The New 411

Well it is official The Underground 411 is about to launch the next issue for December, look out for it the magazine will be sold on Disc in Joburg and Pretoria within the Corse of the festive season. This issue is going to be mainly dedicated in entertainment and Educational content for 2010 to give you a preview guide of what is to come in the near future. Covering topics such as fashion show reviews, cool Gadgets and crazy cozmo fix, this issue is something to grab onto this December, keep posted on twitter and find out where you can find us this December to get a copy.

The Magazine will be made available to the public on the 30th of this month selling at an official price of only R30J, what a price for such a product for as little as the official selling price you can get to find better things to do on your PC laptop  or MAC . The Underground 411 is a fully loaded digital magazine rich in Video Audio and an easy to use interactive interface, Play music within the magazine as you browse through and enjoy full control of settings such as sound and screen Quality.

As the festive season starts so is our production team starts to work on a fresh new season of an online show called Off-Air, this is going to be our main attraction feature within the year end of 2010 and the beginning of January next year however the show shall continue to be streamed right here on The underground 411 and other social networks and sites such as You Tube. Off Air is all about artists who we rate as off air – meaning the artist has once reached a pick level and also has reached his or her off pick level of which we call Off Air, this constructive critic show will be streamed every week but as of the starting date, the production team asked to give it out at a later stage so look out on twitter for the Official starting date if Season one of Off-Air.Online .

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