Zola Exposed


FOR three years, kwaito star and TV presenter Zola was Nombuso Zondi’s secret lover and her “action ­hero”.

“I was being mugged near his house one day. Coincidentally, he saw it and ran after the man barefoot and recovered my cellphone. From that moment he was my action hero and the incident made me warm to him,” said 25-year-old Zondi, adding that they have been dating on and off for three years.

But this week Zondi and Zola, who was this week quoted in the press as saying he “seems to attract psychos”, were involved in a bust- up after she broke into his Joburg home in a fit of anger after he refused to take her calls.

The fight left her battered and bruised and she spent two hours in a police holding cell. Zola admitted to reporters this week that he gave Zondi “a few hot klaps”, but said it was in self-defence.

He even told reporters the police knew Zondi from “three other ­assault cases” she had tried to open against him.

Zondi admits that it has been a tumultuous three years as their fights became more frequent after she realised he had other girlfriends, and they would break up for months at a time.

“I even found a few SMSes from different women declaring their love for him, and other sexually suggestive ones. On two occasions I have had clashes with women who came to see him,” Zondi said.

“He is not always like this. He has a loving, compassionate and caring side to him. It’s just that he vents his insecurities physically at times, and obviously the good doesn’t happen without the bad. Even happy stories come to an end,” she said.

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