Zkhiphani.com’s Down fall

Zkhiphani.com has been in existance since early 2008, being one of the coolest and most  informative local website to touch on some of he most interesting topics to the youth.

2010 on the other hand brought a phase of crumbling down to the owners of this site for it was difficult for them to provide entertaiment information for the sites fan’s insted the zkhiphani.com team decided to introduce an accomodation page on their site for they were based in Pretoria Sunnyside  and they thought this would drive traffic to their site.

From the last interview of the 411 with Zkhiphani.com’s main journalist he said “we are looking forward to become the fastest  growing entertainment local site, but just months after the website was shut down?

the main questin was why is it shut down, within a few weeks after the site had been shut down Zkhiphani.com’s facebook page said the site has been shut down for upgrades, however since the site was shut down mid last year up to now it is still unavailable.

So here is a question to Zkhiphani.com whats up guys when will you be back online, are you preparing an awesome site for us or nothing is working at all ?

By theunderground411 Posted in News

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