Be a Brand Champion

it’s said that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, says Lawrence Wordon, MD of Kelly recruitment. ‘Being a brand champion is about harnessing a passion for the work you do and the company for which you work – making your job more rewarding, and committing yourself to it.’

Being a brand champion positively contributes to the culture and reputation of your company, says Wordon, so it’s important to use your passion to make your company work for you.

Let the experts give you some handy advice on how to become a brand champion.

Step 1: Know Yourself Before championing your company’s brand, it’s important to understand that you, too, are a brand, says Wordon. Find out what it is that you as a brand stand for, and ensure that your brand can align with the brand of your company, he adds.
Step 2: Understand  the Brand
Step 3: Look Up
Step 4: Join the Team
Step 5: Work as a Team
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