The Lusty Lap Dance

Why It’s Hot: He gets an erotic eyeful, and you have more freedom of movement to place yourself in the most stimulating position. But that’s not all: ‘Your hands are free to stimulate each other,’ says sex therapist Dr Sandor Gardos. ‘Plus, you’re face-to-face, which allows for kissing and boosts intimacy.’

How To Do It: Have your boyfriend sit in an armless chair. Straddle his lap, facing him, and lower yourself onto his penis. With your feet firmly planted on the ground for leverage, hold onto his shoulders as you pulse up and down. Make it hotter by leaning forward or back to experiment with different angles, swivelling your hips in circles, or making figure-eights. For deeper penetration, have your boyfriend grab your bum and pull your closer while you bump and grind.

By theunderground411 Posted in Articles

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