sex, drugs and alcahol

The generation of facebook, mixit and twitter, there are no boundries on who you can meet and how. Our cities have allowed 16 year old girls to act 25, while the false prophet desmond tutu is talking shit about being free from the tax enslavement while our president has made loans to make it happen for the 2010 fifa scam which left us in perpetual debt with the world bank. South africa is nowhere near freedom and uhuru, my people cry still blindly cry to the goverment not knowing , he slept with the enemy. who? … like the bible and the gerund says.

We know to much thats probaly one of the reasons you want to argue my points, but on my way to joburg today, there were only black people working on the road work. if you need more evidence look around. In the South african rugby movie i think invictus or whatever atleast is not like choking performing the national anthem anyway theres a guy who says “Rugby is A white mens sport, this goes to show why Mugabe acts theway he does.

Julius Malema is not a threat but i am , 24yrs no job, hungry and didnt vote. Fuck the system. We need to be self empowered as the youth, we dont need these Bee Anc puppets. Mandela sold us out, now its time to take the law in our own hands and kill these motherfuckers. Watch out we coming for you, you are not our GODS just because we owe you doesnt mean we cant kill you. The revolution will come, We are not going to wait for your judgement

The 2011 youth with a 1976 SOuth africa Soweto mentality, there time is now


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