Heaven and Hell melt together
as Earth and Sky are cleansed with cinder.
The waters turn to light
and hesitation is lost among the plights
of redemption and a world where no one fights.
Salvation and belief
are depicted through the colors of the coral reef.
Patiently waiting for the spring,
so they may be seen.
Violence and pain are simply washed away
with the water of the new day.
Our world was discovered in the smoke and haze
of a Candle Light Serenade.

Ten thousand flames
flicker with the whispers of our names
and the sands levitate through our minds.
Suffering greets us at the gates
as we face the elevation
that lies between giving up and giving in.
Fate says good morning with a kiss of hate
admst the ashes of forgotten dates
that were wasted with no importance.
Let the minerals emerge from stone
and let our bodies burn in the wake of realization
laced with the revelation
that is found behind devastation.
We all die young, even those you live for countless decades,
but we will all be reunited in the Candle Light Serenade.

Separated by divides created by man,
corrupted through our own expectations and demands.
May we find peace in the strands
that now bind by each other’s hands.
The cup that we drank from is now barren
and we can never drink from it again.
If we slip back in to the paralytic
then we will never be remade.
Stay towards the eternal light created
by the Candle Light Serenade.

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