Laurin Hill new 2012 albulm

lauryn hill new album 2012

According to Record Executives at Island Def Jam, Lauryn Hill signed a 3 album contract with the highly successful label. After more than 10 years out of the spotlight Lauryn Hill has returned to the booth laying down tracks for her comeback album. Lauryn Hill as stated in many interviews that the reason for her Absence following the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (one of the biggest selling rap albums of all time) was the miscommunication and direction of her previous record label. Lauryn Hill mentioned that she was anxious to release a sophmore solo album but plans were halted because of the direction that her record label Columbia wanted her to take.

“This time the album will go where I want it to go.” says Lauryn Hill about her comeback album. Lauryn Hill also goes on to say about the rise of hip-hop music since her departure from the scene 10 years ago ” I feel a great deal of shame listening to where Hip-Hop has gone. The industry is filled with talented young artist who are thirsty for success but their talent gets overshadowed by the label’s efforts to make everyone sound ignorant.” Lauryn Hill promises that her album will be a reflection of who she really is and her life growing up, the album will have the same truths as her Diamond album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill“. “I know it’s been a minute but everything happens for a reason. This time is the right time and the wait for the fans will be all worth it. Lauryn Hill exclaims about her comeback album.

Lauryn Hill has reached out to producers such as Kanye West, and Saleem Remi who were more than honored to be apart of Lauryn’s comeback album. Rumors have also surfaced that former band mate Wyclef maybe featured and producing of her tracks. So are you guys ready to hear Lauryn Hill return to the music scene. The album is rumored to be titled “Redemption.”Lauryn Hill‘s comeback album is scheduled to be released February 2012.

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