Top Ten Skaterboarders of All of time

TheTopTens List

1.Rodney Mullen
+62This guys tricks are absolutely insane. He is by far better than Tony Hawk and all other skateboarders!

+54He made almost every free style skate trick today and his boards are the best

+51I voted mullen the best because he is, but to not even have Cardiel in the top ten? You guys all must have been born in 1994.
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2.Tony Hawk
+73he is the only one ho can do a 900.
i like him better than Rodney Mullen.
he is NR.1 now, later an always!

+32Tony Hawk rocks! No one messes with the Hawk! He is my FAVORITE skater ever, because HE was the first sk8er to do a 360 DEGREE flip. He is awesome, and I like him. Dark sk8ter

+28He is so awesome he makes rodney look like a idiot
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3.Ryan Sheckler
+25the way he is pulling the backflip trick is so great! he is making it look so smooth

+18He does many amazing tricks and his video is epic

+3ryan rules hells yeah watch life of ryan

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4.Bam Margera
+8ya he is awesome I like his style he makes every trick look easy

+7he awesome
so very awesome, he is my idol so I vote him, and his tricks was dangerous, skateboarding around his house, in the roof of their house, like a stunt man, bam margera should be at ryan sheckler’s place.. he’s my number 3

+5Boobs awesome skate board kick flip grind half pipe he gave me a blow job
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5.Paul Rodriguez/P-Rod
+23P Rod is the best at manual, nollie, boardslide- need I say more?! Plan be the best!

+12P-rod should be the best if anyone says p-rod sucks I will hate them forever. I don’t no why he is 6 he should be number 1! I hate everyone who says he sucks I mean why do people not like him like they did a couple years ago.

+7P-rod is the best and the should be the number 1. He will top ryan sheckler but people only like him cause he is young. P-rod is so good that nobody can describe how he skates. He’s the one how made me want to skate.
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6.Chris Cole
+9He is in a level just for himself, both for consistency and variety, respects to Mullen and Hawk and everyone else but this guy has the tricks, the style and the attitude.

+9Chris Cole is my favorite skater ever he makes his trick look so easy and he lands at least 70 percent of them. Cole is the best

+7Chris Cole is a two time Thrasher Skater of the Year, he is one out of two skaters that have won TSOTY
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7.Danny Way
+10Danny way only the the best skaters ever he is the best
the best I tell you the best.
he jumped the great wall and dose amazing grinds

+9He is simply the best. Danny way rulez!

+9Come on people! He jumped the great wall, lipped the hard rock hotel guitar, landed the first 900 (tony hawk was only the first in competition), and holds the world record for highest air.

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8.Rob Dyrdek
+17Rob = Such an inspiration to so many people this kid is HILARIOUS I love Fantasy Factory so much show and him just make my day!


+13I would like to meet you. I watch rob dyrdek fantasy factory your the best skater in the world yo

+3Rob dyrdek is high spireted and so full of energy that he takes the frustration out of skating and shows it can get you somewhere in life other than just a hobby

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9.Mike Vallely
+6Mike V. Is a hardcore skater I wouldn’t recommend messing with him

+1Det er the helt sikkert mike vallely der er den bedste på den her liste

+1Mike V is an amazing pro skater 9th is not the right place for him mike’s around the world trick is stunning and sick have you ever seen him skate

10.Chris Haslam
+10Should be around where c cole is, he has the most unique tricks (like the dolphin flip)
And skates everything.


+8Chris Haslam is not just a skateboarder, he is a trick creator! He should be at TOP 5, not at 10th Place. I just don’t know why much skaters rate his tricks has stupid tricks, he rocks!

+7Has a good attitude when being around fans. He takes the time to get out into the community, and share a good experience.
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