Pretoria Changing Streets Names


Yesterday when i was writing this article i was rudely disturbed by a ignorant immigrant who hasn’t come to appreciate South Africa’s fragile and kind constitution. As i walking down beatrix str in Pretoria Sunnyside i saw it was scathed to Steve Biko Str, so i ask myself why and how they came to this agreement without our consultation. Now today I’m at a typical internet Cafe in the CBD And nothing has changed except the street names, In Pretoria the only white people you meet are poor and broke one’s i and most the black people are still struggling to pay their second rate collage tertiary education only to finish and work a job they did not i not study for and be jobless and complain like niggas in the hood.

ImageI mean what is freedom when even our own leaders freedom of speech is confined to the world bank, i fear that South Africa is slowly going where Zimbabwe is economically and no Solution for Africa Uhuru. Like it or not Mandela made the deal with the devil on his failing “RDP” project that’s why places like Delmas Mpumalanga Ext 3 “Ma wag” people still don’t have the basic needs to survive thus causing strikes while few day ago he was cutting a Big ass cake for his birthday for this bitter sweet truth as my people reside in the belly of the beast without them knowing. Open your eyes because like voting whether you do it or not its is still going to influence you carelessly of you gender, religion, demographics or skin Color. We have to accept this is what it is even God said in the bible to Adam “you will now sweat for your bread”

ImageThe war is only beginning not the “Black and white war” but it has transformed to the Good and Evil, Bob Marley best put it in his conversational song “War”. So the changing of the streets names is still in control by the same people who control Google, TV, Music, magazines and newspapers thus what’s the Solution to this subliminal truth. Its to be capitalist Nigger and be as relentless as the author or analyze the book “Rich, poor Dad” in your life and make it work for you, Yes NIGGAZ WE NEED TO MAKE MONEY because we’ve been poor before and money was considered the root of all evil i say no PEOPLE are the root of all evil simply because money didn’t create people, people created money So Lets Get it!! and STOP with the excuses not focus on politics cause at the end of the day it is just talk which does nothing.

ImageWell that just means is still the same Pretoria just different street names.

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