About the 411

About the 411

The Underground 411 is a Digital magazine which is versatile covering a wide range of information from our different segments. The digital magazine can be bought via PayPal from our external links such as our  Underground 411 store.

The underground 411 Digital magazine is a product of lonely Stoner Studios, and is developed mainly in Johannesburg  by a  dedicated freelance team of  Graphic Designers  which make up a team of 4 major contributors. The underground 411 –digital magazine is a new and revolutionary way to publish magazines, the magazine will be available on CD however it will be purchased.

This new easy to browse media lets the user be interactive with the magazine as well as access full audio and video media unlike your ordinary magazine. The Magazine is currently available for Computer use only however we are currently developing the digital magazine to be accessible on your ordinary DVD player, iPod or PSP.

You may order the magazine online via our different external links such as the underground 411 store links will be available and updated on our downloads page.

The Underground 411 digital Magazine 6th issue is set to be realised on the 15 April 2012 and the will be a lauch on june 2012, keep visiting the blog for more info.

The classic issue will be just be a review on all the classics from entertainment, news and events that have influenced our world. I would like to thank everybody who have supported us from day one and this issue is specialy dedicated to you. Thank you


Do Business with Us.

We would like to discover new talent and business skills from any professional freelance designers or entrepreneurs, Contact us and find out more on how you can become a part of The Underground 411 digital magazine team. This is a great opportunity to become a part of a revolutionary movement in the magazine publishing business. The Underground 411 is a new form of media to be introduced to the South African media market, it has potential to become the new and most used form of publishing magazine content.



Green Living Solution.

The Digital magazine concept is designed to be a better way to practice technology use in South Africa, and also to develop a new way to interact and promote green living. The digital magazine is fewer raw materials demanding compered to your ordinary print media, in addition to that it gives you the flexibility to access full digital media thus audio, text and Video.

Currently we are producing the Digital magazine on compact disk and is supported by internet downloads , the production of the Magazine disk packages requires -99.8% less paper compared to your ordinary magazine, this gives you a reason to want to enjoy your monthly Cosmo, tech or business feed relaxed on your laptop or computer. The world is demanding the use of products such as this Digital magazine due to the global weather changes everyday,   such products support green living as explained in the statements made above.