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If you are an inspired underground artist and you wish to be in the Powerplaylist of the upcoming issue of The Underground 411, the time is now send us your tracks via email to we have received more than 50 tracks already, send yours and see if you will  make it for the top 13 Powerplaylist Writers digests is still on because we are looking for someone who thinks they have what it takes to be the 411 journalist. You need to be 18 years or older, determined to work under deadlines sending us your articles via e-mail. You must send us your articles to enter to Join our forums on our main site.

Muzik Alive. – Roots Intact

We have been looking into some of the coolest underground artists and , in the upcoming issue of the magazine, we will be giving you the full story on this young soul hearted musical group Roots Intact , a Pretoria based group made up of 3 artists gifted with different dimensions of the musical scene. click here to see face book .






The underground 411 has launched a new page to help us keep our promise to the underground artists out there, this page features some of the most interesting upcoming artists. If you are an upcoming artist and would like to be featured on this page or in the next coming up issues of the digital magazine, please send us your material and we will post it on our page for you. We have more than 800 visitors a week and if you want to be noticed you wanna be on this page

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